The Bass Project


I was not a musical kid. 

Well, I tried band once in elementary school. I remember my band teacher praising me publicly for alllll the time I spent practicing the flute. In reality, I was just bad at math. 

Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on my guitar" must have stirred my hormone-ridden heartstrings, so I tried learning how to play guitar in middle school. I lasted two weeks on guitar. It hurt my dainty fingers.

I decided I wasn't musical, and that I never would be. 


But ya know what? Spring 2017 I decided to borrow my friend Josh's bass and learn how to play it. (Lessons also courtesy of Josh). I'm one of those people who runs around saying "everyone's an artist and anyone can do it!" so just how hypocritical can I be to say I can't be musical??

Note: I have a bass now!  I painted an octopus in an old co-workers powder room and traded those monies for my very own instrument. That beauty above, it is mine.

This is the turning point. These are my notes on what I've been learning.


Scale: Set of notes in certain key. If you want to be in key, you have to play within scale.

Major scale: Sound of Music "do ray me fa so la..."

Minor scale: A bit more "gloom & doom" if ya know what I mean. Extra handy in a more somber tune or perhaps making your audience cry a little.


Chord: Music is built around chords. Synonymous with harmony. Sets of notes make harmonies. With bass, it's kind of like an imaginary set of notes you don't have to play but pack the most punch!

Every chord has a root, a 3rd & a 5th relating to the notes being played in the scale.  

Chord progression: string of cords that follow each other. Endless possibilities! Multiple notes! Yeah!


Arpeggio: Thinking of NOTES in the CHORDS separately.

Melody: String of notes that sound good on their own.

Harmony: Two or more notes that sound good together or 2+ instruments playing together.


Root note: Usually the lowest note in chord.
Base note: Note that decides the chord.

HIGHLY EMPHASIZE that grounding note!


Wanna watch a mind-melting vid of Victor shredding so hard — he pops a  string?! 


Or, perhaps you'd rather watch Vic serenade a group while they get rained on. 


This is only the beginning! 
It's not over until my fingers are as pudgy and perfect as Victor Wooten's. This could take a while...