Welcome to Bremerton!

Bremerton is the armpit of Kitsap County. It's known for its low-income population, industrial vibes, and being home to many navy dudes. But the city of Bremerton has grown on me and I've learned to respect these genuine and hard-working people a lot. That's why I'm inviting Seattleites to move to Bremerton.

Did you know that El Balcon has KILLER burritos? Did you know the Kitsap County-based Coffee Oasis not only roasts organic coffee, but also empowers homeless youth AND their coffee farmers abroad? Or that there are adorable little shops in Manette? Downtown Bremerton is up-and-coming with new salons, breweries, boutiques - even a bookstore and letterpress shop! Woodsy trails are nearby and trees are everywhere. The rent is half the price - and it's only a ferry ride away from Seattle! Bremerton beats the big city.

This project was an assignment part of the Visual Communication Design program at Northwest College of Art & Design.